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Have you met Miss Jones predominantly wholesales to retailers, interior designers, stylists and other commercial decorative partners. We are passionate about challenging ourselves to innovate and design beautiful homewares that do not only look amazing, but also sell well in store and delight the customers of our partners.

In other words: We want to be known for beautiful products that help grow your business, a team that is easy to deal with and the best customer service we can possibly provide.

Today, we work with hundreds of retailers, stylists and commercial property designers in Australia and New Zealand. And, if we can, we would love to work with you. Have you met Miss Jones does not offer exclusivity for any parts of the range, but we promise all retail partners to do our best to avoid range conflicts between nearby stores.

In order to help us decide whether we can set up a trade account for you and give you a definitive answer within a short period of time, we ask to take a couple of minutes and fill out the application form below.

Thank you for considering to range our designs. We look forward to being in touch soon.

Kind regards,
Jennifer Jones